• Summers

    Summers Dam
    Summers Face
  • Izzy

    Izzy Dam Full Image

    Izzy is lots of fun. She has a little mischief in her which keeps us laughing. She is a wonderful mother and has a happy go lucky personality. She is a beauty and her puppies are so sweet and even tempered.

  • Rosie

    Rosie Dam
    Rosie Face

    Rosie is a very fun loving little lady and so gentle. She has stunning good looks, with those melt-your-heart brown eyes and dark pigmentation. She has a keen sense to be nurturing and loving which she passes on to her offspring.

  • Ben-Her “Benna” – Retired

  • “Honey” – Retired

    Honey is very intuitive with more than exceptional instincts- (some of the best I have ever seen!). She passes this on to her offspring. We have been working with this bloodline for over 4 generations. Exceptional goldens are coming out of these lines, which make excellent family pets and/or working dogs who become very attached to their owners as well as demonstrate a keen sense of loyalty and protection. Honey is wonderful with children and other dogs. She is best friends with her sisters: Scarlett & Little Dipper.

  • Honoring and remembering our precious “Honey Dew”- We love and miss you…

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