Years ago, before I first became acquainted with dogs and pedigrees and champions and such, I would glaze over when I looked at a pedigree with all of the abbreviated titles and codes they use to describe how great a dog was. But now that I’ve become a student of the breed, all of that really means something to me. I realize now that it takes countless hours to “create” a Champion. So much dedication and work is put into each and every title earned. This work comes not only from the owners of these magnificent animals, but from the dog itself. Many things are taken into consideration before awarding a title, such as temperament, confirmation, and health. All of these must be in line with the breed standard.

With all of this being considered, we would like to present to you our Sires, or Studs if you will. These “Boys” have pedigrees filled with Champions. These aren’t just any ordinary champions; these are Mulit-International Champions from all over the world!! Our Studs come from long lines with histories of excellent health, temperament and looks. You may not be looking to show your dog or have him compete for titles, but you can be confident that you are choosing a quality puppy from quality bloodlines; not to mention you get bragging rights too!

  • “Ryder Of The Storm”

    Ryder of the Storm born in 2017 is a breathtaking sought after stud. He has a terrific personality, highly intelligent and loves people
  • “Goldrush”

    Goldrush is an athletic happy boy. He always has a smile for everyone. He has a kind temperament and loves playing in water.
  • “Jake” – Retired

  • “In memory of our best friend and huggable “Harley”- We will always love and miss you…”


    If I had to describe Harley in three words or less I would say, big teddy bear! Harley is the type of dog who is front and center when it comes to seeking attention- and he gets it too! He is so adorable. If you pat your chest and tell him to “give me a hug”, he will jump up and put his big paws up on your shoulders and hug you! Don’t let the graying on the face faze you- Harley throws the most exquisite puppies ever! To see what he can do, check out our “Previous Litters” page. Harley is an all-American Golden Retriever with a heart-of-gold! He has the breed standard blocky head. When he walks, he has the most magnificent gait! Very kingly.
    Harley has over 40 Champions in his bloodline within the first four generations.

    His father is an American Canadian Champion; Am.Can.Ch.Gold-Rush Mr. Briggs

    Harley’s lineage is predominately out of the well known and respected Gold-Rush and Asterling bloodlines.


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