Trained Puppies


The graduates from our North Star Golden Retriever Puppy Training Academy are trained and handled by a professional- so the results are a refined, more advanced training which sets the foundation for a broad spectrum of services in other areas if desired by the new owners; including therapy work, Search & Rescue, hunting, et cetera. Our trained puppies also make for the best family pets you will ever encounter!


Intermediate Training Program.
Below is an outline of what you can expect from our Graduates:

Obedience Commands
– Come-Sit (taught with hand signal)
– Sit-Stay (taught with hand signal)
– Down (taught with hand signal)
– Down-Stay
– Go to bed (taught with hand signal)
– Kennel
– Crate (great when traveling or when you have company over)
– Watch me! (SAFETY command)
– Ah-ah (correction cue)
– OK (release word)
– Fetch
– Retrieve
– Doorways / Gates / Stairways “wait”
– Table Manners / Feeding Manners (No begging)
– No Jumping
– No Chewing / “off”
– Gently (soft mouth)
– Greeting
– Children, Toys & “Protective Aggression” (no biting, no nipping)
– Drop it
Complete House Training
– Designated Potty Spot (saves your grass!)
– “Good Outside” -Potty on Command (great when it’s cold out, and you want your dog to do his business)
– Ring Bell @ Door to go out (saves your door from being scratched up)
– Containment & Supervision
– Control of Food & Water
– Routine
– Sleeping through the night
Leash Walking
– Let’s Go
– Easy
– Loose leash
– Sit (for stopping, putting leash on & off)
Extensive Socialization
– Car rides
– Vet visits (puppy wellness)
– Children, Teens, Adults, Seniors
– Introduced to other dogs / puppies
– Introduced to cats
– Exposure to other animals; cows, horses, goats, chickens, rabbits, etc (makes for a well rounded dog in diverse situations)
– “Scary noises” – vacuum, blow-dryer, gunshots, train whistle, etc. (helps with confidence building)
– Bath time
– Swimming / water (in the summer)
– Snow (in the winter)
– 2 Year Health Guarantee
– Full Series of baby shots completed (3-4 total; good for one year)
– Rabies shot (good for one year)
– Wormed regularly (up-to-date)
– Micro-chipped and registered with Home Again (upon request only)
Puppy Training Guide & Extras
– Detailed Training Guide provided to new families to help facilitate with the transition into your puppy’s new home
– North Star Puppy Care Packet goes home with every trainee with all paperwork, instructions, and other goodies, including comfort toy with our scent on it.
– Specialty training provided upon request (Bark / Speak, Get the newspaper, Shake, Search, Roll-over, et cetera).
Our North Star Training Academy is open to any of our North Star puppies, from any litter. Space is limited, so reserve early. Feel free to call or email anytime with questions, or to reserve your North Star Golden Retriever today.
  • Libby – SOLD

    Libby trained puppy


    Libby trained puppy 2


  • Seth – SOLD

    Seth trained puppy


    Seth trained puppy 2


  • Dakota – SOLD

    Dakota trained puppy


    Dakota trained puppy 2


  • Remington – SOLD

    Remington trained puppy


    Date Of Birth: December 8th, 2022

  • Ryker – SOLD

    Ryker trained puppy


    Date Of Birth: December 8th, 2022

  • Ripley – SOLD

    Ripley trained puppy


    Date Of Birth: December 8th, 2022

  • Tucker – SOLD

    Tucker trained puppy


    Date Of Birth: Oct. 9 2022

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